Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Five things that made my week FABULOUS…

Monticello Antique Marketplace!

HEAVEN!! Monticello 3On Tuesday John and I stumbled upon the !! It is located at 8600 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR!! Just about the COOLEST place EVER!! There is a coffee shop, café, library and of course ANTIQUES!!Monticello 1I am fairly certain I could LIVE there or at least spend HOURS at a time perusing all of the LOVELINESS!!Monticello 2They have a Website:

Are on Facebook:   

And they also have a blog:


MOVING into a BIGGER ROOM…Sewing Room{, }

I am SEW EXCITED!! Over the next few weeks I hope to move from my 10’x6’ sewing room into the LARGER 10’x12’ room John has been using as his office!! I LOVE the two rooms in the above picture, except for the red, so I am going to use bright pink and yellow! My sewing and cutting tables are white, so I think it will be NICE!! Kind of RETRO/PUNK!!

A French Manicure!

FUN!!3419566895Gave myself a French Manicure!! It was A LOT EASIER than I thought it would be. NOT sure about the silver tips, I think next time I’ll try a BRIGHT SUMMMER color!!

Chips & Salsa!

YUMMY…3419566943My FAVORITE snack, what more is there to say?!

Bright Blue Sky!

GLORIOUS…3419566942I know, I know… the weather has been in the for three weeks, but I cannot help myself!! It is rare that we here in Portland get such a WONDERFUL streak of FABULOUS weather!! Take comfort, rain is forecast for next week!


So, there you are, the five things that made my week FABULOUS! What would your five be?

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