Monday, August 29, 2011

“Just Another Manic Monday . . .”

MARVELOUS Monday Afternoon!!

{ from on Etsy}

Getting off to a SLOW start today… Still drinking my coffee and just hanging out! Woke to a rather GRAY day here…Girl's Night 007This is my EXCUSE for not feeling too MOTIVATED!! LOL

Or maybe, it’s the fact that Kate had 3 friends spend the night last night…Girl's NightThe Chef served up an AWESOME barbeque of hamburgers and all the trimmings!! After dinner Kate, Sarah, Chrystal and Brianna went swimming, while John built a fire for them to make SMORES!! The GIRLS decided to sleep in the tent, they wanted to see the stars… so, John removed the rain fly and GUESS what?? It RAINED at 5am!! Four 14 year old GIRLS in a small tent getting RAINED on at 5am is a rather LOUD and COMICAL event!! Just hoping that all of our neighbors within a 10 mile radius are still speaking to us after their oh so LOVELY wake-up call this morning!!


Well, I better go do SOMETHING… laundry is on the list for today, as it is EVERYDAY!!

Hope you all have a MAGNIFICENT Monday!!

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